A Fox’s Game


A Fox’s Game- A Paranormal Fantasy: A Maliciously Wicked Short Story.

by S.M. Nevermore

A Demon's Game

This story was quite a whirlwind, a fast and fun adventure that definitely left me wanting more. I thoroughly enjoyed the expressive and charming writing style that made me smile more than once and the characters were equally full of personality.

A fast and fun read.



A short story. Literally.


There is something about these characters that I just find so very likeable. I really enjoy the main character’s personality and her relationship dynamics with the other characters (specifically with her demon friend/pest, Zane) are just great.

Writing Style

S. M. Nevermore’s writing style is amusing and on several occasions made me smile. The voice within this writing is full of personality and spirit, contributing greatly to the enjoyability of this read. There were a few places that could have used some refinement, but this wasn’t major enough to interfere with the story in any great way.


Action packed and immediately absorbing. Within the very first words, S.M. Nevermore had pulled me into the adventure and I simply flew through this story.

World Building

Despite how quickly this story started, A Demon’s Game was perfectly easy to understand. I don’t read many stories involving witches or demons, but I didn’t feel lost or confused at any point. A Demon’s Game easily brought me up to speed.


First Impression

I’ve never been an anime fan (I know, I’m so sorry) but even I loved this cover. There is something very striking about the demon’s outline against a black background and it made this book cover so eye catching.

The Bad

If you read my first review for A Demon’s Game, I mentioned that the first part of this little short story series left me wanting more. I still feel the same way but not because the story was lacking, because I want to know what happens next. A Fox’s Game is a great continuation of the story so far,

I almost wish these short stories were written in the form of a novel instead. There has been a. I am curious to see what happens next.

The Good

This series is responsible for my new obsession with short stories. A Demon’s Game was actually the first short story I had ever downloaded and after liking it, I was curious to see how the story would progress. A Fox’s Game did not disappoint. I’m getting the impression that the story is building towards a twist or some other great climatic moment and I am more than ready for it!

S.M. Nevermore’s writing style is readable, enjoyable, and full of personality. It contributes greatly to the characters personality, and in my opinion makes them quite likable.

So far, the story is unfolding a bit like a novel, leading up to something great. There was a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of this story, which often means that I’m left unsatisfied, but in this instance that wasn’t the case. It was well done in a way that made me want to keep reading, but still feel satisfied at the story’s conclusion.

The last word

There was so much action and adventure packed into this short story! I felt like I got all of the excitement I look for in a novel or other book, without having to invest in the major time commitment of reading a novel.

I still want to know what happens next…

Rating: ★★★★★

Age Group: YA and Adult

Recommendation: Yes

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Summary: Demons = disaster.

Series: #2 Demon Games Series