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Important information and notices for all readers and visitors of 7 Billion Words

A.K.A. the boring legal stuff


The content on this site (including the reviews) is based on my opinion. You may agree, or disagree but please go about doing so respectfully.

If I don’t like a particular book, that doesn’t mean that it’s bad or not worth your time. I encourage all visitors to my site to maintain perspective in looking at reviews whether they be on my site or any platform you come across. We are unique creatures and therefore our interests are unique.

Categories, genre, age, rating, cause, interests, etc. listed on my site were associated based on my personal opinion and may not necessarily reflect the view of the publisher, author, and/or others, in general.


I do not own the rights to any of the books mentioned on my site, all rights go to the respective owners.

I am not the copyright holder of the books and related covers posted on my site. If the copyright holders would like anything to be removed (that they have ownership of), then please reach out to me through email.


FTC Guidelines

The books I review are either purchased (by myself or gifted by a family member), borrowed from the library, or provided by a publisher or author. If a book has been provided by a publisher or author, 7 Billion Words will disclose this in accordance with FTC guidelines.

The path the book has traveled to end up in my possession does not affect my opinion and I provide an honest opinion either way.


No negative criticism of a book is given with the intent to insult any author personally or demean the feat they have accomplished by completing a book. If I did not actually provide my honest opinion, then I could not truly say that I was providing an accurate representation of my opinion which is always my upmost goal when writing a review.


Though I try to remove any errors before content goes live, as a human, I do unfortunately make mistakes. I apologize in advance if you come across an inaccuracies or errors. Please understand that any mistakes are wholly unintentional. No errors are made with the intention of deceiving or falsely informing readers. If you do notice any mistakes or other errors, please feel free to notify me, and corrections with be made as soon as possible!

Taking Action + Other

In line with the goal main of this site, 7 Billion Words aims to connect readers with an interest or cause which they are passionate about in the hopes of encouraging them to take action and better their communities and our world. It’s a big goal.

The list of links provided in association with the action option is not comprehensive, merely a starting point. 7 Billion Words is not responsible for the content on any of these sites nor are we claiming affiliation with them in any way that is not disclosed. All readers are encouraged to do thorough research and seek the opinion and necessary approval of a parent, guardian, medical provider, etc. in regard to any community service project they decide to pursue. Be smart, be safe, be informed. We are not responsible for anything that happens as a result of visiting or interacting with this site. We are also not responsible for anything that happens as a result of the actions readers decide or decided to take after visiting or interacting with our site. Nothing on this site should be taken as medical advice or official counsel. These thoughts are only my opinions.

I am an undergraduate student and not a trained professional, please keep that in mind.

Action + the causes

Within the Action page and the individual review posts, I have linked certain books with attributed “causes.” This is not based on the author’s intentions or purpose of creating the book, merely it is a correlation I have drawn between the book and a topic. The authors of these books do not necessarily support the causes. They also might not have intended for their books to be seen in this way. After reading the story, I personally felt that it could be related to a certain action and that is how the relationship was established.

If you feel that a connection between a novel and an attributed cause/organization/etc. is inaccurate, please feel free to reach out to me to discuss any potential changes.

As far as the causes themselves are concerned, I merely generated a list of causes/organizations/etc. that I thought appeared to be related. I have not done extensively in-depth research! I (or anyone associated with me) are not responsible for anything that happens as a result of  interacting with anything listed or linked to on the Action page. I (or anyone associated with me) are also not responsible for any actions that visitors to this site or readers decide or decided to take after visiting or interacting with these sites or anything listed on that Action page, in general. These thoughts are only my opinion and I am only trying to be helpful.

Nothing on this site should be taken as medical advice. These thoughts are only my opinions.

Please do your own research!

Interviews + Guest contributions

We apologize but submitting a request for an interview does not guarantee approval. 7 Billion Words may turn away authors of content that we feel is unsuitable for our site, usually (but not limited to) explicit literature or harmful content. We also reserve the right to remove content at our discretion without notice to the author (this will most often be done to remove old or outdated content).

We also reserve the right to make minor edits to material – though larger changes will usually be first verified with the author.

Once content has been summited to 7 Billion Words, we assume the right to use posts as we wish. However, all actions will be taken with the intentions of utmost respect for our interviewees and other contributors. We wish to respect your collaboration with us and if there is ever an issue or you wish to discuss the removal of your work from 7 Billion Work or other such changes please reach out via email to discuss further.

I greatly appreciate all that have helped to make this site what it is and I wish to make the experience of working with 7 Billion Words as positive as possible.

You read that much? Well, you might as well see how it works