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7 Billion Words

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Helping readers turn inspiration into positive change

7 Billion Words

Helping you turn inspiration into positive change

See how your favorite books connect to differnt causes

Get inspired by the stories and examples of authors and readers just like you

Take Action & Get Involved

What we do at 7 Billion Words?

Our mission here at 7 Billion Words is simple.


As you read, you learn. Not just about the book or it’s contents but about yourself.

7 Billion Words helps to clarify the interests your preferences in books in literature have already revealed to you, maybe without even your notice.

Under our learn tab for each book, you can find more related titles and further reading you might enjoy!


From both books and people we can find inspiration that pushes us forward and encourages us to do great things. Get inspire by your favorite books, by the experiences and examples of your fellow readers.

This section is here to remind you that your actions really can make a difference. We aren’t alone in this world. We are a part of a community of over 7 Billion people. Inspire and be inspired. 


Locate and filter books by category, genre, age group, and more to find a new book that is right for you!

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