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What exactly do those little stars* mean?


This book is the best of the best. Even if you are unsure about this story, give it a try! I highly recommend this book and probably talk about it too much to anyone who will listen. There is something about this story that I simply adore and think you will, too.


This is an amazing book with one or more great qualities. There might be a trait or two that I feel could be improved upon (but that’s probably just me being too picky.) I would highly recommend it.


This book is okay: not bad, but not great. It didn’t stand out to me as being exceptional but it is still alright. I don’t not recommend it, but I wouldn’t suggest going out of your way to read it either.


Personally, I did not enjoy this book but there were some good aspects. Certain readers might enjoy it, but, in general, I would not recommend it.

This book is has major flaws that interfere with the story in significant ways. I would not recommend reading this book.

* Ratings are based on my opinion only. All readers all welcome and encouraged to make their own decisions.