The Guardian


The Guardian

by Theresa Jacobs

The Gaurdian

An enjoyable read that was easy to pick up and not so easy to put down. I appreciated the unique concept and the pacing was well done, never slowing down too much to let the story sag. Though the execution of this idea wasn’t exactly all that I was hoping for, there is something quite good here.

Even with its few imperfections, I really did like The Guardian.



An amusing story despite a few flaws.


One word: Cliques.

The story starts off with three popular girls who hate the main character for seemingly no reason at all.

Writing Style

My feelings regarding Jacobs’s writing style were very neutral. The Guardian wasn’t perfect, but overall, it was very readable and easy to enjoy.


Though the passage of time was a little awkward in some places, the pacing of The Guardian felt very well done. There were almost no places where I felt that the story started to sag, and I easily read this book in one sitting.

World Building

I felt that the premise of The Guardian was unique, a nice break from the frequently explored realms of fantasy tropes like fairies and vampires. A little bit more depth and development of the story world couldn’t have hurt and would have only strengthened my interest in the concept.


First Impression

To be completely honest, I was a little nervous to read this book after looking at the cover. The image has a very dark and creepy feel to it, and I wasn’t sure to what degree this would be reflected in the novel. To be honest, I didn’t feel much (or any) of that “creepy” feeling at all in the novel, and after reading this book I almost feel like the cover of The Guardian is a missed opportunity to give the reader a better impression of the story. 

The Bad

The thing that really got me about this story from page one was the cliques. Maybe it’s because I’m a high-schooler myself, but the whole popular-girls-bully-the-protagonist-just-because trope is one that bothers me immensely. Yes, bullying does happen in high school and middle school and even elementary school, but in general, I find that the way it is portrayed in a lot of literature, not just in The Guardian, is very unrealistic and exaggerated.

– Okay, sorry for the little rant. Back to the review. –

I wasn’t a huge fan of the relationships in this story, as a whole. The main character developed a relationship with the creature in this story that made me a little uncomfortable and I wished that The Guardian had gone in a slightly different direction.

The Good

I have to say that as someone who reads a lot of fantasy (it is the genre I tend to pick up most often), I feel like I have seen pretty much everything. Vampires, Faeries, Werewolves, Elves, Dragons… you get the idea. But this? This isn’t something that I see too often. I think that Jacobs has hit upon a really interesting premise here. Though there were some elements I didn’t love or I felt could have been stronger, it was nice to read about something that felt new, at least, new to me. (Sorry if I’m being super vague, I don’t want to give away any spoilers.)

The Last Word

Though The Guardian had an interesting concept, the story lost some points with me because of its characters.

A unique idea…

Rating: ★★★✯☆

Age Group: YA

Recommendation: Yes

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