The Last 8


The Last 8

by Laura Pohl

The Last 8

Despite discussing the extermination of most of the human race, The Last 8 manages to be an inspiring journey of hope. Combining all of the things to love about alien apocalypse movies with a twisty fast-paced adventure, this book was hard to put down. Though some parts felt a bit cheesy, the overwhelming messages of hope and inner strength made it a worthy (and impactful) read.

A beautiful story about surviving even when it seems like all is lost.



The alien apocalypse story you didn’t know you wanted.


Clover (the protagonist) was an incredibly strong and determined character. Though she wasn’t always the most lovable, she was admirable in many ways and I appreciated her flaws most of all. They were what made her story so compelling and realistic.

Writing Style

The writing wasn’t particularly good or bad. it kept the story moving forward though, so it definitely accomplished that in the end.


This story wasn’t super action packed, but there was a lot happening and that kept things interesting. The Last 8 was engaging enough to make the book hard to put down. Though, I did feel like some parts were a bit on the slower side.

World Building

There was enough detail and creativity here to bring the setting to life, without becoming overly complex. The Last 8 combined a lot of traditional alien apocalypse ideas, which I enjoyed a lot.


First Impressions

There’s something so impactful about a clean and simple cover. I really appreciated the color scheme, as well. (Green for aliens?)

The Bad

I absolutely love a good twist, and this book certainly had a few twists… but were they good ones? I’m not entirely sure.

I would say that Pohl definitely nailed the surprise factor but the direction in which this book chose to go almost felt a little cheesy to me. It was just kind of like: Oh, that’s where you were going with that.

There was definitely some room for improvement but the important messages within the text made up for the points of weakness.

The good

This is a story of hope.

It is just personal preference but I really don’t like to read dark or unnecessarily sad stories that leave me feeling crushed and pessimistic about my future and the fate of the world. I am an optimist and I love optimistic stories. This was one of those books.

Clover’s ability to overcome the loss of literally everything she had  ever known was incredibly inspiring. She was a real enough character to lose hope, but strong enough as a person to keep going.

Did she falter? Yes. But she never gave into the darkness that was all around her, and that was what I loved about this story.

This book does mention some topics related to mental health (like depression and suicidal thoughts) but, in my opinion, it was done in a meaningful way that focused on finding the light. I felt that it gave the novel an added level of depth that made it so much more than just another apocalypse story.

A warning

Themes of depression and suicidal thoughts are dealt with in this novel. Please be aware of potential triggers.

The last word

I like reading books that make me feel like a better and stronger person. This was one of these books.

In the darkest of nights, we can still find the light…

(even when the night is filled with aliens…)

Rating: ★★★★

Age Group: Upper YA

Recommendation: Yes

Related Cause: Feminism, Optimism

One Phrase Summary: Find the hope.

Series: #1 The Last Eight Series