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Launching Book Two With Amanda Sinatra

How did you feel after the releasing of your first book, Hollow?
Holding my book really was a surreal moment, but it didn’t hit me until I started seeing the reviews. Reading them and how everyone loved it made me think, “oh ok, this could be something.” I always go into it thinking it’s the worst piece of writing material I’ve ever produced, so the reviews really gave me that sense that it really isn’t that terrible. 
Did you feel the same way after releasing book two, Shattered? 
Oh no, my viewpoint has definitely changed. Now, releasing Shattered is a no brainer. Feels incredibly right and I’ve become more confident in myself. It also just feels right, you know? I’m meant to do this, I’m meant to write and share these cool stories with the world.  
Compared to Hollow, what are your feelings about Shattered? 
Shattered will probably always be my favorite. When I wrote it, it came so naturally. The story line for the second just feels more right as I continued to write it. Hollow will always be my book baby, but I think the second, Shattered, will make readers beg for the third. As I wrote it, I was itching for the third book myself and I know what happens! 
What is the best part of releasing a new book for you? 
Promoting. Getting people excited for a new or current project. Also, the fact that all my blood, sweat, and tears went into releasing a new book and to see everyone’s excited reactions makes it worthwhile. 
Did you always know that you wanted Hollow to be part of a series?
Not at first. I think it was halfway through writing Hollow I had these new ideas come to me and I knew I couldn’t fit it all in one book and so that’s when the idea of a series was born. 
Prior to a release date what are some things you do to get ready?
Honestly, my last release date I had to work. This time around, I’m ordering a pizza. I’m going to relax, eat good food and tweet about it! 
What are your next steps after the release date of Shattered in September 2020? 
I plan on writing the rough draft of the third installment at the end of August, I want to have that one out early next year for everyone. After that? Well, I have another book in the works I’m really excited about. 
Has the release process taught you anything important that you’d like to share with readers or other authors? 
It has taught me that everything is a number game. As long as you love what you wrote, the rest won’t matter. Yeah it’s great to be noticed on a top 100 list, but at the end of the day, that book, what you’d pour your heart and soul into should matter the most. Because you wrote a freaking book! And that is a huge accomplishment within itself. 

Amanda Sinatra

Amanda Sinatra launched her debut novel Hollow in 2020 with Notebook Publishing. Hollow the first novel in the series Sinatra is currently working on. Her second book in that series, Shattered, is releasing September 2020.