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Want to Get Involved?

Thank you for your interest in the mission and work 7 Billion Words! If you are looking to positively impact the world through your work, I would love to be a part of your journey.

Want to work with us to share your story, index a title for the site, or on some other project? Please reach out to us through email! I love new ideas and  I’d love to hear from you.


Questions? Check out our FAQ below.

The Process

1. How to Start

Interested? Start by sending an email to

Please include the name of the book, a synopsis, genre, and your relation to the book (e.g. author, publisher). After contacting us through email, you can expect a reply to notify you of whether or not your request has been accepted!

What Can I Aks Bout

I will include books in any format, genre, or age category on 7 Billion Words. (This includes short stories, picture books, and eBooks). I do accept indie books and self-published novels. I specialize in YA novels and primarily review those (as I am a YA myself), but I will consider any book with the exception of those that contain explicit content. I have no preferred genre so feel free to send me inquiries.

Tradition Reviews

For the most part, 7 Billion Words will no longer be focusing on book reviews. This is a change from the past but one that was made after careful consideration of all the good that I hope to accomplish! This is primarily to assure that I am able to keep the site running as smoothly as possible and to assure that viewers of this webpage are able to access content as easily and reliably as possible.


Get your review!

Need a review or feedback on your novel? Interested in having your book reviewed on 7 Billion Words? The process of getting a review is simple and easy. To start, reach out to me!